Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Do all members of your family visit the same family dentist? If not, you should really give it a thought, considering all its benefits. Family dentists are trained professionals who treat almost all types of oral concerns. Choosing a family dentist for your entire family can act as a one-stop destination and keep you from a whole lot of hassle.

What are the advantages of family dentistry?

Pediatric dental treatment: Family dentists treat patients belonging to all age groups. Treating toddlers and younger patients require an entirely different approach that is more friendly and compassionate. If children do not feel comfortable while sitting in the dental chair, they may throw a tantrum and not let the dentist treat them. But, when you take your child to the same family dentist for a few consultations, they would be familiar with the dentist. This makes the treatment easier and more effective.

Less time-consuming: Imagine having to call up different dentists to set up consultations for each member of your family. It is a tedious and frustrating process, and most often, it is quite difficult to get an appointment according to your schedule. But, when you have a common family dentist, you can schedule one appointment for your entire family, and we’ll be happy to assist you. This can especially be helpful when you want to schedule routine bi-annual consultations.

A one-stop destination for all types of treatment: Family dentists are trained and experienced in treating most of the common dental concerns such as cavities, misaligned teeth, dental emergencies, damaged teeth, discoloration, and gum diseases, etc. Moreover, the dentist will maintain a well-updated record of your oral health and the treatments provided. This helps us treat any unexpected conditions with maximum effectiveness.

To have a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Ko, please schedule an online appointment or call us at (925) 847-8790, and we will be happy to help.

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